Tapping Machine
Tapping Machine
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Tapping Process
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  • KIP-M12 Electric Servo tapping Machine is suitable for all kinds of machinery and mould auto parts.
  • The machine adopts suspension mechanical hand, in either direction, flexible, convenient tapping.
  • Interface using push-button operation. Simple, convenient for any workers to operate.
  • The machine adopts integrated design, the whole bracket using high strength aluminium alloy, sturdy durable, non-deformation.
  • The use of electric servo tapping machines is the development trend of the mechanical industry.
  • The machine adopts two modes: Automatic Mode and Manual mode. Tapping speed ranges up to 0-625(rpm), stepless speed regulation, the tapping of different materials to choose different speeds in order to improve the tapping efficiency.

Machine Name : Tapping Machine

Machine Model No. : KIP-M12

Tapping Range M3 to M12
Maximum Spindle Speed 625 rpm
Maximum Working Radius 1000 mm
Maximum Working Height 550 mm
Head Orientation (Way to work) Universal Head (Vertical & Any Direction)
Control Way Touch
Servo Motor Power 600 W
Motor Voltage (1 Phase) 220 V, 50Hz
Tapping Collet Couple Dia. 19 with ISO Standard
Gross/ Net Weight 27/ 24 kg
Packing dimensions L x W x H 70 x 61 x 22 cm
Collet Specifications

Collet Type: Quick Change Tapping Collet

Couple Diameter of collet: 19mm

Sr. No. Tap Size (Metric) Collet (Tap Shank) Holding Capacity (mm)
Shank Diameter Square
1 M3 3.15 2.5
2 M4 4.0 3.15
3 M5 3.15 2.5
4 M6-8 5.00 4.00
5 M10 8.0 6.3
6 M12 9.0 7.1