Portable End-mill Grinding Machine
Portable End-mill Grinding Machine

Portable End-mill Grinding Machine

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Standard Accessories
Diamond Grinding Wheel
Diamond Grinding Wheel
ER40 Collet Holder
ER40 Collet Holder
ER40 Collet Set
ER40 Collet set
Tool Sample
End mill Profile
End Mill Profile
End Mill Profile
  • The Portable End-mill Grinding Machine (KIP-X313) is the useful machine with the CNC-VMC, Universal Milling Machine, Turret Milling Machine, Key-way Milling Machine, & other Conventional milling machines. The KIP-X313 Machine is…
  • Fast and accurate grinding, easy operation, and even can be used to grind by an inexperienced person.
  • Low price, cost-efficiency, and high benefits by saving time
  • Diamond grinding wheel directly installed to have accurate angle and long service life.
  • Electric-controlled powerful motor, characterized with stable frequency, high horse power and long service life.
  • Bearing-driven, locking devices, to ensure the accuracy of grinding angle.

Machine Name : Portable End-mill Grinding Machine

Machine Model No. : KIP-X313

Grinding Range Diameter 4mm ~ 13mm
No. of flutes can grind 2,3 & 4 flues
Grinding wheel SDC for Carbide (2Pcs = 4 to 6mm & 7 to 13mm)
Motor Power 250 W
Motor Speed 5000 rpm
Motor Voltage (1 Phase) 220 V, 50Hz
Collet (ER20) Diameter 4mm ~ 13mm x 10Pcs
Gross/ Net Weight 24 / 22 kg
Packing dimensions L x W x H 39 x 36 x 36 cm
Collet Holder (ER20) 2 & 4 Flutes x 1Pc 3 Flutes x 1Pc