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Tapping machine


1. Threaded tapping, M16 Electric Servo tapping Machine is suitable for all kinds of machinery and mold auto parts.
2. The machine adopts suspension mechanical hand, in either direction, flexible, convenient tapping.
3. Interface using push-button operation. Simple, convenient for any workers can operate.
4. The machine adopts integrated design, the whole bracket using high strength aluminum alloy, sturdy durable, non-deformation.
5. The use of electric servo tapping machine is the development trend of mechanical industry.
6. The machine adopts two modes: Automatic Mode and Manual mode.
7. Tapping speed range up to 0-312(rpm), stepless speed regulation, the tapping of different material to choose different speed in order to improve the tapping efficiency.

  • KIP-M16

Tapping range

M3 ~ M16

Max. Torque (N.m.)


Max. spindle speed (rpm)


Max. working radius (mm)


Max. working height (mm)


Way of work

Vertical or any direction

Way of control

Touch Screen

Servo motor power (W)


Voltage – frequency (V)

220V, 50Hz

Standard tapping chuck (ISO standard)

GT-12, M3 – M16

Machine weight (kg)


Packing size (L x W x H) (cm)

67 x 65 x 21

Cast iron travers table (L x W x H) (mm)

(Optional, Available separately)

800 x 550 x 700