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1. The Operating Table Adopts high - precision linear guide rails, the table is stable and the operation is easy.
2. The spindle adopts imported bearings, operating table and the taper can be adjusted.
3. With a variety of accessories can be ground: forming tools, end mills, R-type milling cutters, reamers, turning tools, R-type turning tools, gears cutters, drill bits, engraving knives, full back cutters, chamfering knives, round knives, outer grinding, planar grooves, forming surface, etc.

  • KIP-600Q/F

Working Table Area (mm)

130 x 550

Cross Travel of Table X-axis (mm)


Horizontal Travel of Table Y-axis (mm)


Vertical adjustment for wheel head (mm)


Max. Grinding Length (mm)


Max. Grinding Diameter (mm)


Rotation angle of wheel head (mm)

360° (Vertical / Horizontal)

Grinding wheel size (mm)

150 x 16/50 x 32

Speed of grinding wheel (rpm)


Main Motor Power

 3/4 Hp, 380V (3 Ph)

Supplementary Power

 ½ Hp, 220V (1 Ph)

Machine Size (mm)

740 x 630 x 700

Packing Size (cm)

630 x 630 x 700

Net/ Gross Weight