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1. This Machine is suitable for furniture factory wood working saw blade, with scraper multi chip saw blade.
2. Preset many group of tooth types and one key multifunctional operation.
3. Trapezoidal flat teeth can be finished at a time, features CNC grinding and arbitrary tooth types.
4. Can improve the efficiency by 3 times, due to the adoption of improved tooth extraction operation, the accuracy is improved.
5. By the PLC control, operating of machine is easy and simple.

  • KIP-020

Processing diameter range (mm)

Dia. 80 ~ Dia. 800

Hole size of saw blade (mm)

Dia. 10 ~ Dia. 220

Max. thickness (steel plate) (mm)

1 ~ 7

Tooth pitch (mm)

7 ~ 100

Tooth face angle

5º ~ 30º

Dorsal horn of tooth

6º ~ 45º

Left and right slope of tooth


Negative chamfering


Max. Grinding stroke range (teeth/min)

25 (changeable)

Grinding speed (mm/s)

0.5 ~ 6

Max. working speed (teeth/min)


Rotation of grinding head

90º, 180º

Wheel shape

Dish shape

Wheel OD x ID (mm)

Dia. 125 x Dia. 32

Wheel line speed (m/s)


Coolant pump flow rate (Ltr/min)


Water tank rated capacity (Ltr)


Rated capacity of oil tank (Ltr)


Total Power (KW)/ Voltage (3-phase) (V)

2.2 / 380

Packing size (L x W x H) (cm)

140 x 130 x 180

Gross weight (kg)