Portable End-mill Grinding Machine
Portable End-mill Grinding Machine
Standard Accessories
Diamond Grinding Wheel
ER40 Collet Holder
ER40 Collet set
Tool Sample
End mill Profile
  • The Portable End-mill Grinding Machine (KIP-413) is the useful machine with the CNC-VMC, Universal Milling Machine, Turret Milling Machine, Key-way Milling Machine, & other Conventional milling machines. The KIP-413 Machine is…
  • Fast and accurate grinding, easy operation, and even can be used to grind by an inexperienced person.
  • Low price, cost-efficiency, and high benefits by saving time.
  • Diamond grinding wheel directly installed to have accurate angle and long service life
  • Electric-controlled powerful motor, characterized with stable frequency, high horse power and long service life.
  • Bearing-driven, locking devices, to ensure the accuracy of grinding angle.

Machine Name : Portable End-mill Grinding Machine

Machine Model No. : KIP-413

Grinding Range Diameter 4mm ~ 13mm
No. of flutes can grind 2,3 & 4 flues
Grinding wheel SDC for Carbide (2Pcs = 4 to 5mm & 6 to 13mm)
Motor Power 250 W
Motor Speed 5000 rpm
Motor Voltage (1 Phase) 220 V, 50Hz
Collet (ER20) Diameter 4mm ~ 13mm x 10Pcs
Gross/ Net Weight 18/ 15 kg
Packing dimensions L x W x H 26 x 32 x 29 cm
Collet Holder (ER20) 2 & 4 Flutes x 1Pc 3 Flutes x 1Pc